Dolphin Squad: A Death in the Pod by Danny J. Weston - 7/10

The third installment of the adventures of Dolphin Squad (though only the second 'feature length' comic) continues to deliver everything you probably loved about the first one; classic Batman style puns and action, it's easy to read and very well laid out and the art style (without going into too much critical depth) is 'fun'.

This is somewhat oversimplifying things though. Dolphin Squad is clearly very cleverly created to be a homage to the late golden age of DC / early silver age. Yet through the unique choice of characters Weston has managed to create something delightfully new while showing a high level of respect to his influences.

A Death in the Pod is a classic take of Good vs Evil, super heroes against super villains as Dolphin Squad is once again called upon to save the city, and perhaps even the world! This time our heroes - Lazer-Eye, Vinny and Fabian are faced with a real mystery. People all over the city are missing breakfast (clearly the most important meal of the day), oh and some super secret science has been stolen along with a giant panda! Who could possibly be behind these dastardly actions, what could they possibly be planning with all this and why don't more people understand how important breakfast is?

You can find out the answers to all of this and more, thanks to the addition of the mini adventure The Poseidon Misadventure (written by Mark Adams and Mark Warner, illustrated by Dave Clifford) where we have a unique chance to dive into the daring escapades of S.E.A.W.O.R.L.D, the elite crime fighting organisation responsible for training Dolphin Squad's fearless founder, Lazer-Eye.

The only reason I've given A Death in the Pod a 7 rather than 8 is down to a reasonably tiny detail. Naming the giant panda Ping Pong feels a little bit crass, and while it is very much in keeping with the style that Dolphin Squad follows (and gives access to a wide variety of delightfully terrible play on word options) I feel it could have been better to take a slightly different direction from this style in this instance.

This aside, A Death in the Pod is well worth picking up. If you like classic Batman, stories of the triumph of good over evil and an abundance of aquatic puns then this is easily the comic for you!
You can get your copy from Deadstar Publishing here --> Dolphin Squad: A Death in the Pod


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