Escaping Fiction Book Update

I'm very pleased to announce that my new book Escaping Fiction is now available to buy through my online store. It's book one of my new series A World Within Worlds, a choose your own adventure style surrealist fantasy story. It's also the beginning of an ongoing story, so the adventure will continue directly into the subsequent books when released (book 2 eta mid 2019).

About the book

You awake to find yourself in a mysterious place that doesn't seem right by all accounts. Escape is probably a good idea, but a little exploration can't hurt either. Depends how you feel about sarcastic narrators. Not that I'm sarcastic, or the narrator. Look, just play the game, please...
A World Within Worlds is a surrealist fantasy choose your own adventure series set in a place very much unlike our own world. You will face action, mystery and possibly even find a secret ending or two. Escaping Fiction is book 1 of this series, and the start of a much longer adventure!

You can buy it here with a 10% discount off the usual price of £3.50 until the end of May 2018 using code VGBPE9ZC


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